For sale

Containes for builders 8m x 3m

Price: 1800 euro+PVN

Biroja konteiners 6m x 5m

Price: 6000 euro +PVN

Pardošanas cena 6000 euro+PVN

Ofice cabins

Price: 1900 euro + PVN

Container office

Price: 4100euro+PVN

Modul 5m

Price: 3000 euro+ pvn

45' HCPW - 13,7m x 2.9m x 2.5m

Price: 2500 euro+PVN

8,9m cabins for builders

Price: no 1950 euro+PVN

Konteiners uz riteņiem

Price: 1800 euro+PVN

Small containers

Price: no 400euro +PVN

Wc cabine

Price: 350 euro+PVN

Our company provides delivery and maintenance of portable toilet cabins. Specification: Size: 100х100х225 см. The capacity of the storage tank: 250 л.The cabin is completely made of plasticcompletely made...

Containers for sale 20DV

Price: no 1900 euro+PVN

20DV containers for sale  

Containers for sale 20DV

Price: cenas no 1900 euro+PVN

containers for sale

ref container

Price: 5000 euro+PVN

New 20 DV containeri FOT Riga from 2500 euro+VAT

Price: no 2500 euro +PVN

New 20DV for sale FOT Riga < Tallin,Klaipeda

Modul 6m x 3m

Price: 3000 euro + PVN

20'DV Shipping containers

Price: 1900 euro+PVN

Buildings units

Price: no 1300 euro+PVN

Sales 6m x2,5m

New ofice cabins

Price: 2400 euro +PVN

Ofice cabins 2.5m x 2.5m 2400 euro +VAT