For sale

Double office unit

Price: 5500 euro+PVN- Nomas cena 150 euro/mēn+PVN

containers for sale

Price: 900 euro+PVN

offise units for sale

Price: no 900 euro+PVN

Container office

Price: 4800euro+PVN

Sanitar units

Price: No 3000 euro+PVN

45' HCPW - 13,7m x 2.9m x 2.5m

Price: 2500 euro+PVN

Ofice with WC + kitchen

Price: no 2500+PVN

guard houses

Price: no 2200 euro+PVN ( jauns )

8,9m cabins for builders

Price: no 1950 euro+PVN

ofice modul

Office cabins with WC and Shower cabins

Small containers

Price: no 400euro +PVN

Wc cabine

Price: 350 euro+PVN

Our company provides delivery and maintenance of portable toilet cabins. Specification: Size: 100х100х225 см. The capacity of the storage tank: 250 л.The cabin is completely made of plasticcompletely made...

Containers for sale 20DV

Price: no 1700 euro+PVN

20DV containers for sale  

Containers for sale 20DV

Price: cenas no 1700 euro+PVN

containers for sale

Storage containers second hand

Container is made out of galvanized steel sheets 0,75 mm thick.Supportive profiles are made out of galvanized steel sheets 2,0 mm thick.Floor is made out of wooden planks 35 mm thick (system tongue groove...

ref container

Price: 5000 euro+PVN

New 20 DV containeri FOT Riga from 2500 euro+VAT

Price: no 2500 euro +PVN

New 20DV for sale FOT Riga < Tallin,Klaipeda

Modul 6m x 3m

Price: 3000 euro + PVN

20'DV Shipping containers

Price: 1900 euro+PVN

Buildings units

Price: no 1300 euro+PVN

Sales 6m x2,5m

40HCPW Izpardošāna

Price: 1990 euro+PVN

Containes for builders 8m x 3m

Price: 1800 euro+PVN

New ofice cabins

Price: 2400 euro +PVN

Ofice cabins 2.5m x 2.5m 2400 euro +VAT

Ofice cabins

Price: 1900 euro + PVN

Storage container

Price: 2200 euro+PVN