Storage containers


Price: 2500 euro +PVN

2,200m x 1,600m x 2,445m

Store Containers 8'

Price: 2800euro+PVN

2,438 m x 2,200 m x 2,260 m

Storage container 10'

Price: 3000 euro +PVN

Storage containers from 2 m to 6m

Price: No 1600 eur +PVN

2.2м х 2.25м -1600euro3m x 2.2m -1800 euro4m x 2,2m -2200 euro5m x 2,2m -2800 euro6m x 2.2m -3000 euroAll prices not inc. VAT ( 21 %) Demountable container Containers are stocked with one- or two- wings...